February 25, 2018

Virtual Reality Gaming

VR Mobile Game Trailer is equipped with the latest rage in video gaming…

Virtual Reality Racing & Gaming!

Taylor Detroit Ann Arbor Michigan video game truck party virtual reality racing simulator

Our game theater features a Virtual Reality Racing Simulator that puts you right on the track!  Sit in the driver’s cockpit, strap on your VR headset, get your hands on the wheel and your feet on the pedals, and get ready to race!

Feel every bump, every crash…experience the thrill of side-by-side racing on virtual race tracks…it’s amazing!  Your friends can follow the action of the race on the high-definition screen to enhance the fun!

We’ve also got other Virtual Reality video games, using the VR headset and controls, that will amaze your guests.  You’ll be doing more than playing video games…you’ll be IN THE GAME!

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